Drupal vs WordPress: Discussion Roundup

Our post a few weeks back about when to use Drupal and WordPress generated a pretty good discussion in the comments and on other websites. Below are the best questions/comments and our responses.

(1) Amnon – Drupal Israel: “Did you notice any performance difference between the systems?”

Considering the functionality both of them possess and what both the platforms are trying to accomplish,...

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Some Exceptional Drupal and WordPress Sites

In my article last week on WordPress vs Drupal, I gave some examples of sites built using those tools. Frankly, most of the examples I gave were sites we’d worked on. I figured I’d loop back and give examples of some exceptional sites I’ve come across (and didn’t work on) using each toolset....

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WordPress vs Drupal

At this point, nearly all of the websites we build are either in WordPress or Drupal. Sure, we build custom applications on occasion and sometimes do Flash work that really doesn’t fit in a Content Management System. But mostly we use WordPress and Drupal.

Both are fantastic open source blogging platforms/content management systems with robust user communities....

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