Motorcycle Photos and the Art of Branding

We are in the process of redesigning our Brick Factory website.  It has been slow going.  Client work competes for resources and we tend to over think everything when doing work for ourselves.  But we are getting there, and expect to launch our new site before the end of the year....

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Yahoo! And the Art of Branding Gibberish

As I’ve mentioned more than once, designing logos is an awful way to spend your time. There’s no hiding. You’re out there in front of the client with your brilliant idea on a white sheet of paper as the marketing director and his recent and eager grads wait to ask probing and pointed questions about things they read concerning logo development last night....

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27% of top college websites utilize responsive design

The last few years has seen a dramatic rise in people using tablets and smart phones to browse the Internet.  This explosion has made building websites more complicated, as web developers now have to make their sites look good on on tiny phone screens, Al Gore-style widescreen monitors, and everything in between....

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10 Best College Websites

Over the years we have done a few posts highlighting exceptional college websites.  The best college sites are pretty phenomenal, so we like to put these lists together as a way of finding inspiration.  With the rise of mobile and widescreen monitors the last few years, we thought it was a good time to take a fresh look....

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Content First

I’ve been building websites for a long time.  What that means is that I’ve made a lot of mistakes, some more than once.

One seemingly small thing that can actually ruin a site’s design is the disconnect between what content looks like in concept versus what it looks like in reality.  ...

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