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Animation in Web Design: We May Still Be Doing It Wrong*

We assume that by now designers would have learned that excess code, images and transitions don’t have a place in modern web design. A look around the internet proves that assumption to be false in many cases and so I’ve been tasked with writing a blog post to help clarify the issue. ...

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4th Annual Superbowl Commercial Review and Commentary

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It’s another Monday in the dead of winter during a pandemic and you’re supposed to be working....

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2020 Third Annual Superbowl Commercial Review and Commentary

Third time should be the charm, right? It’s the 2020 Superbowl Commercial Watch-a-rama or whatever I wrote up there. For the uninitiated, it goes like this; I force-watch all of the commercials and write something about the top and bottom five. I’m as much an expert as any other schlub,...

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2019 Super Bowl Commercial Review + Commentary

When you label something as “First Annual”, you’ve committed to at least a Second Annual and so here we are, soberly (well…) watching and reviewing commercials during the Super Bowl again. I don’t mind it though since I’m already sitting here and being responsible for a blog post means I can’t leave the couch for 3 to 4 hours....

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The Brick Factory’s favorite NFL teams

The NFL is back this week, so here is a quick summary of the rooting interests of some select Brick Factory workers.


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