5 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Redesigning a Website

Here at The Brick Factory we work with a variety of nonprofits, trade associations and advocacy groups. While each organization has their own unique set of challenges to undertake, its clear there are some recurring hurdles that we jump through on many of our projects.

We put together a quick list of five issues that seem to pop up pretty frequently:...

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Drupal and WordPress aren’t Free

For the past few years here at The Brick Factory, we’ve fully embraced using open source content management systems (CMS) – particularly Drupal and WordPress.  Why?  Put simply: They work.  By using them we don’t have to start from scratch on building a web site and can focus on fine tuning the design and functionality of the site for our clients. ...

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Why we custom build things only as a last resort

At the beginning of the year, we scrapped a custom time tracking system we had used for years in favor of a service called Harvest.  To be blunt, our custom system was dated and kind of sucked.  Harvest is much easier to use and has much better reporting tools.  The transition to Harvest has been super smooth,...

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Three Takeaways from Drupalcon Denver

Anyone who has worked with Drupal much knows that one of the platform’s greatest strengths is its community.  With 3,100+ attendees and overflowing conference rooms the size of football fields, the recent Drupalcon Denver 2012 was probably the greatest gathering of drupalistas the world has ever seen.   Attending the conference was a real treat and I learned a ton....

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Need to Build a Splash Page in Drupal 7? Get Splashify

A splash page is an interim page on a site that asks a visitor to perform an action, such as making a donation or signing up for an email list, before visiting the page they intended.  While splash pages can be annoying to users, they work.  Given their effectiveness, we end up building splash pages for clients quite frequently in the CMS we specialize in,...

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