10 Drupal Fundamentals

Partly due to how robust and powerful it is, Drupal has a learning curve.  Like other content management systems, it has some of its own lingo.  Understanding the fundamental terms below will help anyone (technically inclined or not) better grasp the system.  These terms are applicable to the three versions of Drupal (5,...

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Five Nifty Drupal Modules

We have used Drupal as our primary platform to build web sites since 2007.  It is a robust content management system that allows us to develop powerful websites.  While it has a lot of capability out of the box, one of the most attractive things about Drupal is the wide variety of modules available that add functionality to the system. ...

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Happy Birthday, Drupal

On January 15, 2001, University of Antwerp student Dries Buytaert released the first version of Drupal to the open source community.  Dries had originally developed Drupal as a news site and message board that University of Antwerp students could use for discussion and content sharing.  Drupal has grown into the most popular open source Content Management System on the market,...

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5 Things To Teach Yourself In Drupal

We build websites in Drupal every day at the Bivings Group. And every day, we answer questions for clients that are simple, easy things for us to change. Sites built in Drupal are inherently very easy to change and are often malleable to a degree. The problem is that many people see the full-blown Content Management System as an unknowable hurdle-they think that if the larger problems,...

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5 Frustrating Things about Drupal 7

Drupal 7 was officially released in January of this year, so our team at The Bivings Group has had a few months now to familiarize ourselves with the platform.  Working with our resident Drupal experts Chris Roane, Mike Lockard and Ronald Isla, last week I wrote a post outlining the things we love about the new platform. ...

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