How to Instagram: A Guide for Trade Associations

It’s not easy to shake the general public’s perception that trade associations are stuffy, bureaucratic, and staid. But it can be done, and in this age of social media, Instagram is a valuable tool in your toolbox. Instagram users are nearly 10 times more engaged compared to any other social media platform,...

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The Closest Thing to Free Likes: Re-Posting Old Content

All too often, great content is created, uploaded to a blog, posted on social media, viewed by interested users, and then quickly forgotten.

But, if that same great content is posted on social media again later, then it is able to reach a far greater audience. This sounds obvious,...

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Share Walls

As the news industry continues its move online, publishers have struggled to figure out how best to monetize their online traffic.

A year ago, the New York Times launched an innovative pay wall system that allows visitors to read 10 articles a month for free.  If you want more,...

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Seven Great Uses of Milestones on Facebook Pages

By now you have undoubtedly heard about the launch of the new Facebook pages.  Facebook has done a great job of communicating the key changes, as have many others, so I won’t cover that same ground here. 

But I did want to write something about the change I find the most interesting: ...

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The best Facebook advertising you can’t buy

Before Jimmer, the “Mexican” restaurant Café Rio held (and still holds) a special place in the heart of many current and former Jello-O Belt residents, and for good reason since it beat Chipotle, In-N-Out Burger, Chick-fil-A, and Pei Wei for the best Quick Service Restaurant in 2011.  Today, the restaurant is opening a new location in Olney,...

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