Friday’s Five

Things I would have blogged about if I had more time….

Been a busy week, with more ideas for blog entries than time to write them. Here are some of the things I wanted to write about this week but didn’t get to:

Facebook Toast? Hot Today, Dead Tomorrow–Like AOL?

Article from Silicon Alley Insider on some of Facebook’s challenges....

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Friday Five: Holiday Travel Tips

Christmas is on Tuesday, and I'm flying across the country to see my family.  This evening I will be busy as millions of my closest friends and I decide to fly somewhere this weekend.  Here are five things I'm doing on-line to help me cope:

1. Check in for my flight


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Friday Five: Some Recently Redesigned News Sites

It seems like at least a few major news sites have launched redesigns over the last several weeks.  Here are five that I've noticed:

1. Newsweek magazine

I like how the sister sites for Newsweek and MSNBC are now much different from each. 

Check out the nifty multimedia page header that can collapse or expand on each page on Newsweek's site....

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Friday Five: The Season’s Tech-Inspired Philanthropic Christmas Gifts

I know it isn't Friday. But since I wasn't around this past Friday, I decided to catch up today (Monday).

This time of year, so many people are searching for the best gifts for their techie family members and friends.  I got to thinking…why not combine the love for gadgets with a philanthropic spirit? ...

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Friday’s 5 – Things I should have blogged about this week

(1) Will Social Networks Impact the 2008 Election? I think NOT.

Sanford Dickert has a good post about the seeming lack of impact social networks have truly had on the 2008 elections so far. He writes:

When I go to the local mall, county fair, outdoor market –...

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