Friday’s Five

Friday’s 5 – Things I should have blogged about this week

For me this was definitely one of those weeks where I had more ideas for blog posts than time to write them. So here are the five topics I would have written about if time weren’t such a limiting factor for me right now.

(5) Top 40 Drupal Projects

I have a pretty good grasp on what the best WordPress plug-ins are but less knowledge about the various Drupal modules....

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Friday’s Five: Top Misconceptions by Newspapers Online

After all the work I've done on newspaper websites and talking with a group of newspaper publishers last week, I realize that I get asked the same questions quite often.  There are some common misconceptions in the newspaper industry regarding the Web, and I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight and correct these typical mistakes. ...

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Friday’s Five — 9/21/07: Top 5 Pro Basketball Blogs

I started to write about the top 5 sports blogs, however I feel I wouldn’t do that post justice. The fact is, I grew up in San Antonio, TX, which, in terms of pro-sports, has the Spurs as the only game in town. So for this weeks Friday’s Five I bring you the Top 5 Pro Basketball Blogs using the only metric that makes sense,...

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Friday’s Five – WordPress Plugins

This one is probably better titled, five more great WordPress plugins, as we’ve covered this ground before. So here are five more great plugins for your blog:

(1) Wp Poll

Add swank, Ajaxy polls to your blog.

(2) Brian’s Nested Comments

Add threaded discussions to your comment area....

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Friday’s Five — 9/7/07: Magazine Websites

We're starting a new series here at TBG–Friday's Five.  Every Friday we're going to publish a top 5 list.  The topic of the list will always change, but the five items featured in the list will always be related to one another.  For this week's list, we're going to build on our recently published magazine study and run down our five favorite magazine websites....

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