Optimizing Your Web Program with A/B Testing

A big message we try to deliver to our clients is that the launch of your new website is the beginning of the project, not the end.  Your web program is an ongoing campaign, not a finite process like the production of a print brochure.  For your web program to reach its potential,...

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Why Google TV is Not That Great

When my valued colleague Alla first proposed a blog post praising Google TV, “Is Google TV Great? Here’s Why” I mentioned that while Google’s marketing team can do a good job with just about anything, Google TV might, in fact not be all that great.

Of the many of the excellent reasons cited by Nicholas Deleon in his Oct....

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Bivings Debate: Is GoogleTV Great? Here’s Why

(this is part 1 of a 2 part BivingsReport Debate on the merits of Google TV)

Argument #1: The new tv platform from Google has the power to legitimately revolutionize the way we watch TV. Unlike AppleTV, Google and its platforms have effectively permeated most facets of technological life in this country....

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Is Bing More Innovative Than Google?

Google may still command over 60 percent market share when it comes to searches, the Microsoft-owned Bing is making steady headway ever since its introduction in June 2009. However, current data shows that Bing and Yahoo search engines’ share in the marketplace is growing – as the expense of Google....

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A New Age of Crisis Reporting?: Media, the Oil Spill, and You

As the oil from the BP Gulf coast spill continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, the attention of the nation seems to focus on it more and more. As one of the worst environmental disasters our country has ever seen, it is garnering huge media attention across platforms and is sure to be one of the biggest news stories of the year. ...

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