Government 2.0

Taking A Second Look at Arlington National Cemetery and Online Records

Every 10 year old in America knows where our nation’s heroes find their final resting place-the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. Just outside of Washington, the National Cemetery contains the gravesites of some of our countries most revered and honors those who have served in our name.


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It Takes A Website of Millions: Popvox and the Modern Congress

Do you want to see change in your community?

Common knowledge tells us the action to take when we’ve got a bone to pick; grab the phone and call your senator or congress person. Or, even older wisdom: write them a letter. These methods might have been sold to us wholesale as schoolchildren,...

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Science! Space! And NASA Tweetups

With the spread of social media into the every lives of today’s young people – it’s no surprise that NASA is reaching out and spreading the word about their missions, research, and discoveries. The government agency has launched a wildly popular series of NASA Tweeups, wherein bloggers and social media influencers from across the nation meet up to learn more about that the agency is going and live-tweet the event to their followers....

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Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future: A Conference put on by Future Tense

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference titled "Here Be Dragons: Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future." It was put together by the Future Tense, a partnership of the New America Foundation, Slate, and Arizona State University.  The speakers and panels focused on how innovations within synthetic biology and the internet are helping shape US public policy and regulation of the private sector....

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DC, MD, VA: Govt Snow 2.0 Resources

As most of the east coast is bracing for another snow-pocalypse / thunde-snow / sleet mess this evening we want to highlight the efforts of some of our local governments use new media tools to communicate with the public. While everyone knows that @CoryBooker is the king of Twitter when it comes to local elected officials and snow removal, ...

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