Librarians offer plenty in a social media world

Congrats!  The Internet has made you an honorary librarian. Since writing that post, I’ve been thinking about what’s the purpose of credentialed librarians when social media enables many of us to fill some of their roles.

Steph, a librarian in Melbourne, Australia, feels that the Internet has made her a better librarian. ...

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Is Cyber Squatting Bad for Politics? ICANN Help!

Earlier this week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or (ICANN) made a significant announcement that starting in January 2012 they will begin accepting applications for new “generic top-level domains.”  As David Sarno wrote in the LA Times  “ICANN approves open Web domain name rules: .anything is possible" ...

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Weinergate Big in Online News

It’s a safe bet that by now you are completely burned out on Weinergate. And I know why. News coverage of NY Representative Anthony Weiner’s bizarre sex scandal has been wall-to-wall since the story broke; it’s on the news, on the web, and in your Twitter feed. Pew Research Center found that the story accounted for up to 17% of total news coverage at one point –...

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The Internet has turned you into a librarian

The stereotypical librarian is a bespectacled lady who goes around shushing everyone. Having completed the University of Maryland Master of Information Management program through which I took classes with Master of Library Science students, not only have I learned that librarians are typically anything but quiet but thanks to the Internet more people –...

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10 Sites Every Nonprofit Should Check Out

As a nonprofit its sometimes tough to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the tech world. We've put together 10 sites (in no particular order) every nonprofit should check out to help get you started:

1. Google Grants

Straight from the mouth of Google: "Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to select charitable organizations....

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