Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future: A Conference put on by Future Tense

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference titled "Here Be Dragons: Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future." It was put together by the Future Tense, a partnership of the New America Foundation, Slate, and Arizona State University.  The speakers and panels focused on how innovations within synthetic biology and the internet are helping shape US public policy and regulation of the private sector....

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FedTalks 2010 Conference – A Look Inside

Bringing together members of the government  as well as representatives from the technology and communications industries, this past Tuesday’s FedTalks 2010 conference in Washington D.C. was a success both on-line and offline.

If you didn’t catch our live tweeting the event from @bivings, check out the latest instance of Slurp140 we created specifically for Fedtalks 2010!...

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Why Google TV is Not That Great

When my valued colleague Alla first proposed a blog post praising Google TV, “Is Google TV Great? Here’s Why” I mentioned that while Google’s marketing team can do a good job with just about anything, Google TV might, in fact not be all that great.

Of the many of the excellent reasons cited by Nicholas Deleon in his Oct....

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Viral Marketing: A Fine Line Between Funny and Terrible

Guerilla and social media marking campaigns all dream of going viral – a la Old Spice Man on a Horse – but some advertising really strikes out. Below is a look at two particularly bad unfortunate ad campaigns that resulted in more bad press than good. Let this be a lesson that for every Old Spice man on a horse,...

Continue Reading – DC News Served Up Fresh

 A new DC News Site launched last Sunday– and the local social media scene has been abuzz with the innovation, social media outreach, and hyper local focus seen on the site. The pages of this online portal will function to aggregate news from all over the DC metro area and create a one-stop-shop for DC residents....

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