Meme Tracking Hits the Sports Market

A few weeks ago Sports Illustrated published an expansive feature article (subscription required) about how citizen sportswriters are changing sports journalistm. Obsessive and often posting about events in real time, these sports bloggers are spreading rumors, arguing and just generally feeding their sports addictions 365/24/7. Sometimes they even break stories....

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Quick Thoughts on Google Finance

Two quick thoughts on the new Google Finance secton that is being discussed so much online:

(1) After seeing Google Finance for the first time, our lead developer sent out an email pointing out that the stock graphs are fantastic. He’s right. Being able to drag the graphs,...

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Weighing in on the Conversation Index

I have been meaning to write a post on Stowe Boyd’s Conversation Index for awhile, but for whatever reason didn’t get around to it. Then late last week I read that a media monitoring firm had started using it as a metric to track the amount of conversation a blog entry generates,...

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Visit Newsvine Now

In Gary’s post about “The Wisdom of Crowds” he referenced Newsvine, a social news site that was in private Beta mode at the time. Well, it went live Thursday and it looks very promising.

The site’s news is fueled by wire feeds such as AP, but also allows users to “seed”...

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WP: Spotting Trends in Blog Buzz

Blog buzz makes the front page of The Washington Post. (registration required.) Article talks about ConAgra Foods and H-P monitoring blogs for emerging trends in comsumer attitudes. Piece features the blog monitoring company Nielsen BuzzMetrics, formed last week by the merger of Intelliseek and BuzzMetrics....

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