Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington DC

The Gov2.0 Summit is going on right now in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We here at the Bivings Group were lucky enough to be able to attend the event and learn about the way new technology is impacting the future of Government.

Do you want in on the action?...

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iTunes Will Rule in 2012

Recently, I was considering trading in my broken iPod for another type of MP3 player…that is; until I ran across an article from Wired stating that I'd better hold on to at least one Apple product.

According to InStat, by 2012, 40% of all music purchased is going to come from digital music downloads. ...

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High Quality YouTube is a Thing of the Present

If you've got a computer, you know what YouTube is.  In fact, most people, including myself, have uploaded videos to YouTube at one point or another until our accounts have inevitably been suspended.  It's the circle of life on the Internet, and I am very pleased with it.  Without YouTube after all,...

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Check out Wallstrip

One trend to watch this year is the boom in well produced, niche video blogs.  The children of Rocketboom. 

My favorite example is Wallstrip, a daily video blog that takes an in depth look at a hot stock each day from a sort of layman’s perspective.  Using humor, they try to explain in real world terms why a stock is doing so well....

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Newspaper Study on MediaShift

Mark Glaser of the PBS blog MediaShift gave our newspaper study a nice shoutout today.  Here's an excerpt from the article he wrote about us:

"Though newspaper websites have been around for a decade, they’ve often been slow to innovate, and have been mainly used for “shovelware” —...

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