The Use of the Internet by America’s Newspapers: Highlights

After finishing our study of America's top 100 newspapers and their use of the Web, I took a closer at the top 20 most circulated papers and tried to pick a few favorites. To be honest, this was a difficult task. Most newspaper websites are adequate and have similar formats....

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Check Out Ze Frank’s The Show

The best video blog I’ve seen is The Show, which is produced every weekday by Ze Frank, a designer/performance artist who gained Internet fame a few years back with the Flash piece, How to Dance Properly. The Show is a weird blend of news commentary, personal observations and bathroom humor....

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Podcast: The Internets Role in Political Campaigns

For the tens of people that are interested, we put together a podcast about the findings of our recent campaign study. In the podcast, Ajit Verghese interviews myself and Erin Teeling (who actually wrote the thing) about how 2006 Senate campaigns are using the Internet. We talk about which sites are good/bad,...

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New Media and the Florida Gubernatorial Race

Yesterday, the Herald Tribune out of Florida published an article on the use of blogs and podcasts by FL gubernatorial candidates. I was interviewed for the piece and it includes a mention of our study on the use of the Internet by 2006 Senate candidates.

Not being from Florida,...

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Most “Web 2.0” Politicians

In response to my post on politicians that podcast, a member of Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) staff left a comment pointing me to a blog entry on their site about new media tactics used by Republican House members. It sort of got me thinking: which politicians are most embracing Web 2.0?...

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