1,000 programmers can’t fix in a month

Like many folks in the DC web development community, I’ve been reading with interest the horror stories about the launch of  Just yesterday new revelations came out that showed just how complicated the site truly is and just how deep the problems are. 

As a web developer,...

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Crisis Commons: Crowdsourcing Information Solutions for the Crisis in Haiti

In response to the devastating aftermath of the twin earthquakes (on January 12 and then on January 20) in Haiti, Crisis Commons has come to serve as a key forum for the coordination of professional volunteers in the development of rapid solutions to the diverse array of information-based challenges facing the aid effort....

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The CIO and Journalism

In the past we have profiled the innovative work of people like Adrian Holovaty who does some exciting things through programming that allow data to tell their own stories.  For instance, he set up the Campaign Tracker for the Washington Post, and he is now running his own site Everyblock – the database driven hyperlocal news site. ...

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Robots Ready for Their Own Operating System

Efforts to boost robot-to-robot cooperation took a giant step during July’s International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence, when roboticists around the world decided to start with human-to-human cooperation.

The science of developing robots, though narrow, was surprisingly fractured until the development of the Robot Operating System (ROS).

“Each robot is individually manufactured to meet a specific need and more than likely built in isolation,”...

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Taking a look at Disqus

The Bivings Report is built in WordPress, which comes with a robust commenting system out of the box. Due to this, I’ve very rarely looked at third party commenting systems like Haloscan. I haven’t really had a comment problem so there was no need to experiment with these third party tools....

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