Mechanical Turk Reviews WP’s On Being

According to Wikipedia, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a tool that “enables computer programs to co-ordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks which computers are unable to do.” It enables companies and individuals to posts tasks and set an amount they are willing to pay for the tasks completion....

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Link Roundup

This is one of those weeks where I've got more material than time.  So here are some quick thoughts on some things that have been floating around my browser this week.

(1) A new startup launched this week called Grand Central.  According to Life Hacker, Grand Central "lets you consolidate all of your phone numbers into one number,...

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Baby Name Voyager: Nifty Graphing App

If you have a thing for cool graphs and trivial information, you might want to check out IVillage's Baby Name Voyager.  This Java-enhanced graph displays alphabetically the 1,000 most popular names for Americans since the 1880s.  Any name that ever made into the top 1,000 is on this list, and you can see in what year the name was most popular,...

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TBG Interviewed about Lieberman Election Day Website Problems

For those of you interested in the whole "Did Lieberman's Website Get Hacked" mystery, has a pretty geeky article about the hosting setup of Lieberman's host provider and another where they interview Lieberman's techies about the situation.  TBG was interviewed in the one about Lieberman's technical setup  (thanks to our developers for helping me pull together answers). ...

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Google Finance (cont’d)

To follow up on Todd’s post below, I went to Google Finance and typed in HP, looking for the stock activity and news for the Hewlett-Packard Company. Look what I got.

1. Stock graph is for the contract oil driller Helmerich & Payne, but the news items on the right are about Hewlett-Packard (HP)....

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