Public Affairs

Top 10 Ways Trade Associations Can Employ New Media Techniques

As a whole, Washington-based trade associations aren’t known for their innovative Internet strategies. The big secret about trade associations is that they have a lot to offer the Internet community – most have great stockpiles of content and staffers who are genuine experts in their fields. And a big part of a trade association’s mission is to serve as an information resource on their industry....

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SMS For Action

Recently, NPR’s Story of the Day podcast (Empowered by Technology, Indians Fight Government Corruption) featured how SMS technology effectively gave middle class Indians the ability to launch large scale protests against a legal system that is notorious for protecting the interests of the elite class. Fashion model Jessica Lal was shot and killed at an exclusive nightclub/bar in Dehli nearly 7 years ago,...

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State of the Media Report

Saw a story in last week’s PRWeek that mentioned the “State of the Media Report” by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. The project is an institute affiliated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and funded by the Pew Charitable Trust.

Didn’t know what to expect,...

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Wal-mart Blogger Relations – More Public Affairs than PR

When I first read about Wal-Mart’s blogger relations campaign in the NYT, I immediately assumed that the goal of the campaign was to improve Wal-Mart’s overall corporate image. Change the perception of Wal-Mart in the blogosphere and ultimately win the general public’s hearts and minds. That assumption led me to think the whole campaign just seemed off....

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