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Top 10 “Changers” of the World of Internet and Politics

PoliticsOnline and World e-Gov Forum have announced this year's list of nominees who are competing for the title of Top Politics and Internet World Changer of 2006. I thought I'd just encourage you to cast a vote. I must admit that I don't know a lot of the nominees apart from what I've seen online,...

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Research review: Metropolitan Websites as Urban Communications

If you needed information about your city, it makes sense to head over to the metropolitan website to begin figuring out what's what. A research study by Cleveland State's Leo Jeffres and UConn's Carolyn Lin appears in Indiana University's Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. The study examines how the websites of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the US represented their cities and how well their websites communicated with the public,...

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Politicians, Blogs and Issue Debates

Tech News World has an article today about the role of the Internet in the energy debate. They interviewed our very own Erin Teeling about whether politicians were using the Internet to discuss energy issues with their consituents. The short answer is that they are not – most political sites are focused on disseminating information to constituents in a top down fashion,...

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Podcast: The Internets Role in Political Campaigns

For the tens of people that are interested, we put together a podcast about the findings of our recent campaign study. In the podcast, Ajit Verghese interviews myself and Erin Teeling (who actually wrote the thing) about how 2006 Senate campaigns are using the Internet. We talk about which sites are good/bad,...

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New Media and the Florida Gubernatorial Race

Yesterday, the Herald Tribune out of Florida published an article on the use of blogs and podcasts by FL gubernatorial candidates. I was interviewed for the piece and it includes a mention of our study on the use of the Internet by 2006 Senate candidates.

Not being from Florida,...

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