5 Easy Tricks to Boost Your Follower Growth on Twitter

So you want to be popular? Thought so. Well listen up, Elfie—I’ll make you my new project.

The first thing you need to know about follower growth is that it doesn’t happen over night. (I know, bummer.) The good news is that it will happen if you listen to this advice....

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Explaining the Upworthy Phenomenon with Science

The last few months I’ve been a bit stumped by how popular Upworthy has become.  The site attracted 90,000,000 unique visitors in November 2013, which seems completely crazy to me.

I get that the site is really good at writing headlines that beg to be clicked and shared. ...

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Are newspapers embracing responsive design?

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX so for years I’ve visited the website of the city’s largest newspapers, the Express-News, every few days.

This hasn’t been a particularly pleasant experience, as the Express-News has long pursued an ill-advised portal strategy and made its content available through the hideous ...

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Crowdsourcing for Conferences:Pros & Cons

You’ve got a ballroom, VIP badges, t-shirts emblazoned with sponsors, a distinctly clever and useful Twitter hashtag, and even check-in locations for your Foursquare-loving visitors. By all accounts, you’ve got everything you need for your big industry conference. However, there’s one thing missing from this picture: content. And that is exactly where all of those hard-earned conference attendees would love to help you out....

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High Level Holiday Reading: Academics Take on Twitter

If your take Time magazine’s advice about putting away your smart phone to focus on friends and family but are still looking for a way to get your social media ‘fix’ we are proud to recommend these recent research reports that you can print out and read by the fire:

“Twitter in Congress: Outreach vs....

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