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Wikipedia is Broadening What is Fit to Print

Happy belated 10th birthday, Wikipedia! I hope that January 15 was wonderful for you.

Many social commentators are critical of Wikipedia for its democratic editorial policy that enables virtually anyone to edit any article most of the time, but to these critics’ chagrin, the wiki is accurate at least on some things as I’ve noted about health topics. ...

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An Army of Many: Social Media and the Armed Forces

Social media is a powerful tool that often allows users to spread ideas and help make the world a better place. But what about the medium’s power to affect national (or personal) security? The US Department of the Army recently released a handbook that provides helpful hints and warnings about the dangers of social media to employees and soldiers....

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The Social Side of the Web: Pew Report on Activism & Social Media

In their just released report “The Social Side of the Internet” the Pew Research Center presents data which presents a mixed, but encouraging picture of the role online communications and social networks have in supporting volunteer and charitable organizations. 

Of their major findings, Pew found that not only are internet users more likely to be active participants,...

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Facebook as Predictor of the 2010 Elections

A few days ago Facebook released a study that showed that in most cases the candidate with the most Facebook fans won the election.  Specifically, they wrote:

“The Facebook political team’s initial snapshot of 98 House races shows that 74% of candidates with the most Facebook fans won their contests....

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Viral Marketing: A Fine Line Between Funny and Terrible

Guerilla and social media marking campaigns all dream of going viral – a la Old Spice Man on a Horse – but some advertising really strikes out. Below is a look at two particularly bad unfortunate ad campaigns that resulted in more bad press than good. Let this be a lesson that for every Old Spice man on a horse,...

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