Social Responsibility

Fundraising 2.0: Choosing The Right Site

Social media may dominate the conversation when it comes to Web 2.0, but there is untapped potential seen by corporations and organizations, who are left asking: how can I use this to raise funds? There are several websites now aiming to combine the powerful networking capability of social media and the fundraising capabilities of independent web sites....

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A New Age of Crisis Reporting?: Media, the Oil Spill, and You

As the oil from the BP Gulf coast spill continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico, the attention of the nation seems to focus on it more and more. As one of the worst environmental disasters our country has ever seen, it is garnering huge media attention across platforms and is sure to be one of the biggest news stories of the year. ...

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Phones Smart Enough To Give Back: Mobile Micro-Volunteering

Earlier this week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt's personal seed fund TomorrowVentures was part of a $3.35 million round of financing for mobile-gifting startup Giiv. Through Giiv, you can gift directly to friends and family through mobile phones. Your gift is sent to the recipient and redeemed at retailers all through the power of today's smart phones....

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Crisis Commons: Crowdsourcing Information Solutions for the Crisis in Haiti

In response to the devastating aftermath of the twin earthquakes (on January 12 and then on January 20) in Haiti, Crisis Commons has come to serve as a key forum for the coordination of professional volunteers in the development of rapid solutions to the diverse array of information-based challenges facing the aid effort....

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Social Action Networks Defined

One of the more significant trends in online politics and public affairs over the last few years has been the rise of Social Action Networks.

A Social Action Network is an online community that allows members to connect and organize around shared political passions.  If visiting a social network like Facebook is like walking into a bar,...

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