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Fuzzy Zoeller and Wikipedia

Fuzzy Zoeller is suing Wikipedia.

Well, at least, he wishes he could.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Fuzzy Zoeller is suing a Florida-based consulting company for vandalizing his Wikipedia profile.  The paragraph in question has since been removed from both Wikipedia and (which draws lots of its info from Wikipedia articles),...

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Non-Profit Blogging

The DC Examiner has an article this morning about the use of blogs by Washington-DC based non-profits. The article highlights the blogging efforts of our client, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation, and features a quote from me as well.

I’m of the opinion blogging is a no brainer for non-profits:

  • It’s inexpensive.
  • ...
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Back to School with Free OpenCourseWare

Four years ago, MIT made a committment to sharing the educational materials from all of their undergraduate and graduate courses online, making it free and accessible to people around the world. More than 1400 courses from their OpenCourseWare site , ranging from Aeronautics to Nuclear Sciences to Writing and Humanistic Studies is available through written syllabi to video lectures....

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Recalling “A Million Little Pieces”

Way back when, I wrote a post about the undoing of James Frey and his memoir, "A Million Little Pieces."

We all know the memoir was a lie, a total fabrication.  I wondered at the time what might happen, whether the publisher would fess up and give readers a refund. ...

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Research review: Metropolitan Websites as Urban Communications

If you needed information about your city, it makes sense to head over to the metropolitan website to begin figuring out what's what. A research study by Cleveland State's Leo Jeffres and UConn's Carolyn Lin appears in Indiana University's Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. The study examines how the websites of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the US represented their cities and how well their websites communicated with the public,...

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