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Blogging Goodwill Fashion

Every once in a while we like to point out how non-profits and charitable causes can harness the Internet to better achieve their goals, and this post highlights the successful efforts of Goodwill of Greater Washington using a blog — about fashion.

True, Goodwill is about community development projects like job training for lower income folk and sales from used and thrift clothing helps fund such programs,...

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Friday Five: The Season’s Tech-Inspired Philanthropic Christmas Gifts

I know it isn't Friday. But since I wasn't around this past Friday, I decided to catch up today (Monday).

This time of year, so many people are searching for the best gifts for their techie family members and friends.  I got to thinking…why not combine the love for gadgets with a philanthropic spirit? ...

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OLPC Giving, and Thanks during Thanksgiving

We’ve written about the One Laptop Per Child project before on The Bivings Report. Now they have launched the Give One Get One promotion running through November 26th. The way it works is for a $399 donation one laptop is donated to a child in a developing nation and one is sent to another child of your choice....

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Facebook Applications: the Future of Fundraising? Probably not.

When Facebook Platform launched at the end of May , the move was met with surprise and delight from online marketers and software developers who have been hoping for a way to access the social network's huge audience of college-aged users.  The Platform allows software developers to design custom applications people can install for their profiles. ...

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Using the Web to Save Darfur

Here at TBG, we firmly believe that our clients, whether they be corporations, non-profits, or political candidates, should use their websites as conduits for relaying narratives that will spur visitors to action.  Amnesty International's new Eyes on Darfur website (screenshot below) is probably the best example of this tactic that I have ever seen....

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