9 Things I Love About the Las Vegas Sun Website

The Las Vegas Sun is known for having one of the best websites of any newspaper in the country. The reputation is warranted.

In my experience as a web developer, I’ve found many sites that do a few things well. A site might have a nice homepage and a few cool features,...

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iTunes Will Rule in 2012

Recently, I was considering trading in my broken iPod for another type of MP3 player…that is; until I ran across an article from Wired stating that I'd better hold on to at least one Apple product.

According to InStat, by 2012, 40% of all music purchased is going to come from digital music downloads. ...

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Road Rage on YouTube?

I'm sure that there are some videos on YouTube of people driving angrily, and there are probably some of people who are angry about their drive.  In fact, I'm betting that more of the later will appear on the site soon.

The cash strapped Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) —...

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The Awesome Flash Video Player

I have written a few times about the various options available for the hosting of videos online via third party services. If I have a choice in the matter, I use for all the reasons you’d expect: interface is easy to use, they allow the posting of video in higher quality than most providers,...

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High Quality YouTube is a Thing of the Present

If you've got a computer, you know what YouTube is.  In fact, most people, including myself, have uploaded videos to YouTube at one point or another until our accounts have inevitably been suspended.  It's the circle of life on the Internet, and I am very pleased with it.  Without YouTube after all,...

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