Our New 404 Page

Earlier this week our partner Lucien Parsons sent us a great TED video  of Renny Gleeson explaining what a great opportunity to communicate 404 pages present.  Watch for yourself.

This quote from the video really resonated with me, and summarized succinctly what we strive for when building web programs for our clients....

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Viral Video Wars

At last year’s Super Bowl, one of the most buzzed about commercials was VW’s “The Force”, which featured a young boy trying to control various objects, including a Volkswagen, with his mind a la Darth Vader.  Here is last year’s ad, which was viewed over 50,000,000 times on YouTube.


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The Official YouTube Creator’s Playbook

Although this clocks in at 70 slides,  if you only read and apply the first 30 slides your YouTube channel will be better than most. Indeed rather than producing something overly complex with tons of fancy buzzwords YouTube has put together a fairly concise (and free) outline of how to best utilize the platform....

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Digsby Launches Chatroulette for Facebook

Digsby has created a new Facebook application allowing you to “video chat with all your Facebook friends for the first time ever right from the Facebook website and post screenshots of your ChatVille adventures to Facebook albums.” If you are not already using it, Digsby is the best all in one instant messaging platform out there. While I prefer to use TweetDeck to manage my own as well as our company social networking channels, the ability to integrate Gchat and Windows Messenger into one application (as well as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ, but who uses those anymore?!?) and to then create custom groupings of friends, coworkers and clients is especially convenient. Thankfully we have already covered Chatroulette but after receiving the pop-up notification from Digsby, (great potential for advertising?) I decided that in the interests of science, I would sign up. After acquiescing to the mandatory Facebook soul privacy-signing-away, I was ready to go:

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Charity Water: A Great Use of Online Video


Charity: Water is a great organization, and as an online communicator I’m constantly impressed with the innovative ways they have built a movement in support of clean drinking water for everyone.

In particular, non-profits and charities should pay close attention to their web videos,...

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