Website review

Site Speed: How to Audit and Improve

Is your site fast enough?

User experience is a critical part of any website build or design. And site speed is an important part of that experience. Users want the page to load in few seconds or they lose interest and leave.  This is particularly true for mobile users....

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5 Drupal Websites That Will Elicit Envy

What makes a great website? Is it the copy writing? The layout? The interactive features? The copious amounts of cute animal pictures? Maybe it’s all of the above. And more.

No matter what it is that makes your website great, you can do it in Drupal.

Drupal is a popular open source content management system (CMS) much like WordPress....

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The Good and the Ugly: A Tale of 15 Presidential Campaign Websites

How do the candidates stack up?

Your website is your digital doppelganger. Making a good first impression can determine success or failure.

When it comes to running for president in the digital era, a well designed website may be the most important tool in the proverbial toolbox.  ...

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Three Things I Love About Jerry Seinfeld’s New Website

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently launched a new website that brings together highlights of his 35-year stand-up career.  I love the site, and I’m not really even a fan of his stand-up.  Here is a breakdown of what I love about it.

1. The Approach

The site posts three videos a day,...

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Social Media and the #Four26DC City Council Election

As Washington D.C. looks to further establish itself as a center for technological innovation, isn’t it fair to ask that our candidates and elected officials maintain a professional online presence? In reviewing the websites and social media accounts of candidates for the vacant at-large seat on the Washington D.C. City Council,...

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