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Our Experience with Highrise

Over the years, we’ve attempted to use Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce and Sugar CRM internally as a way of tracking our own sales process.  Our needs on this front are pretty straightforward, so both Salesforce and Sugar CRM seemed like way more functionality than we needed and fell into disuse pretty quickly. ...

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Is the New Twitter Homepage a Mistake?

I’m definitely late to this party, but yesterday Twitter launched a new design for its homepage.  This is the version of the homepage users who are not logged in and who are visiting the site for the first time will see.

Lots of smart people have already surrounded this topic,...

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Tech Meets Cycling

I ride my bicycle to work whenever possible through the scenic District of Columbia, which offers me numerous benefits. It forces me to exercise regularly, cuts down on commuting costs, is a zero emissions method of navigating the city streets (aside from manufacturing processes), and it’s much quicker door-to-door than driving through rush hour traffic....

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Our Experience with Basecamp

Around eight months ago we made the decision to start using Basecamp to manage nearly all our projects.  Prior to the move to Basecamp, we used a patch work of tools to manage our work.  We had an internal wiki we used for many of our task lists and project documentation. ...

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Wolfram Alpha is intriguing, but will people use it?

The much hyped “computational knowledge engine” Wolfram Alpha launched over the weekend to what can only be described as a mixed reaction.  I played with it for a few hours and came away with two primary thoughts:

  1. Wolfram Alpha is something completely new, and that is fascinating.
  2. ...
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