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Filling Up the Walls

We moved into our new offices in downtown DC in November.  However, until this week, we hadn’t bothered to put anything up on the walls.  We were really busy, but more importantly we were really particular about what we put up.  We wanted to showcase the artwork of our super talented design staff,...

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Adventures in User Interface Design

We’re big believers in the importance of usability at The Bivings Group.  Online, usability is branding.  If your site is hard to use, visitors will lose patience and take their eyeballs elsewhere.  It is just common sense really. 

Inevitably, usability is about the details.  It isn’t one big thing,...

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Crowdsourcing for Conferences:Pros & Cons

You’ve got a ballroom, VIP badges, t-shirts emblazoned with sponsors, a distinctly clever and useful Twitter hashtag, and even check-in locations for your Foursquare-loving visitors. By all accounts, you’ve got everything you need for your big industry conference. However, there’s one thing missing from this picture: content. And that is exactly where all of those hard-earned conference attendees would love to help you out....

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Science! Space! And NASA Tweetups

With the spread of social media into the every lives of today’s young people – it’s no surprise that NASA is reaching out and spreading the word about their missions, research, and discoveries. The government agency has launched a wildly popular series of NASA Tweeups, wherein bloggers and social media influencers from across the nation meet up to learn more about that the agency is going and live-tweet the event to their followers....

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Why Social Media Innovation Hasn’t Hit a Plateau

I just finished reading this Mashable OP-ED about social media innovation hitting a plateau – and while  the author makes some good points, overall I’m pretty disappointed with the conclusion.

Sure, just like any industry, innovation is hard to come by – but to say its hit a plateau is a bit much....

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