Damien pointed me to Google’s advocacy page on the net neutrality issue. The page is very “Google”. They quickly state their position and link to external sites where users can take action. Not a lot of fuss and pretty much no wasted movement or effort.

More interesting is the excellent Save the Internet website that Google directs people to. The site has a couple of unique features worth taking a look at, regardless of your position on the issue.

Save the Internet has a seperate listserv that bloggers can sign up for to receive information on how they can help mobilize their readers. I think this is very clever – they are openly asking bloggers to opt in to their blogger relations program instead of conducting these activities behind the scene.

Save the Internet also has a MySpace page they are presumably using to win support among the young. The campaign has over 13,000 MySpace friends as of this writing. As an aside, the Save the Internet campaign is a single 106 year old Capricorn that doesn’t want kids.

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