Regular readers of this blog know that we are part of the web development team working on the Fred Thompson website, www.imwithfred.com. On Monday afternoon, the team launched a new version of the site. Frankly, I’m too tired to write up a good entry summarizing all the new features so I’m going to cheat and just link out:

(1) The Fred File blog has a good breakdown of what has been added.

(2) Patrick Bell over at TechRepublican makes note of my favorite part of the new site, the Volunteer HQ section that features a log of all activities a volunteer completes. He calls this section “much more advanced than anything I think I’ve seen by the announced candidates.” I’ll take it.

(3) Micah Sifry over at TechPresident sums up the site’s new features pretty well:

I’m With Fred.com” Version 2.0 is up, and the 2.0 is justified. Not only is the redesigned site a hub for news of Fred Thompson’s potential presidential bid and his positions on the issues, the site offers new tools for organizing events in local communities, for creating and exporting contribution and communications widgets to other sites, for registering to vote, and for allowing members to track through their profile pages how well they are doing in recruiting supporters. It’s nicely done–a tribute no doubt to Michael Turk, who techPresident readers know has been agitating for this kind of GOP site for quite some time. One interesting wrinkle–you can’t view comments on the site’s blog without first becoming a “Friend of Fred.

Let me know what you think about the new site in the comments.

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