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Top 5 Best Senate Campaign Website Designs

In putting together the report we released last week, The Use of the Internet by 2008 Senate Campaigns, my co-workers took the time to identify the websites of everyone running for the Senate this year.  Since my co-workers already did the hard part in finding the sites, I figured I’d cruise through the list and pick out my most and least favorites from a design perspective.   ...

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McCain Design Team Running Low on New Ideas

In my last post I made some remarks pertaining to the McCain campaign website team borrowing the tone of the Obama site. I thought it was a good upgrade to an already well designed site overall. When I popped over the McCain site today, however, I was surprised at the latest similarity....

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John McCain, Strike Three

Tricked you with the headline up there, didn’t I? Yes I did. There’s nothing wrong with John McCain’s third redesign. It’s just bluer than before with more right angles and stars. It is a nice upgrade from the last version which was not so bad either. McCain’s team seems to have Obama-ed this version up just a bit with the blues,...

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Barack Obama’s Blue Period

Barack Obama’s team has redesigned his website just prior to the Iowa Caucus and, well, I hope you like the color blue. I do.

I also think this redesign puts his web design effort at the top of the heap.

Starting at the top…

The over the top photoshopping of the clouds and lens flare as a background is so dramatically piled-on that you have to give the designers a lot of credit for even submitting it....

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New Xerox Logo

Making fun of bad logo designs is lame. So, let’s say that Xerox’s new logo is just fine, if a little curvy/Speed Racery looking, and move onto that weird ball thing next to it.

Around the office here we are thinking what it might represent. Surely there will be a corporate short story written about how it moves the company smoothly into its next phase or some equally ridiculous metaphor....

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