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New Xerox Logo

Making fun of bad logo designs is lame. So, let’s say that Xerox’s new logo is just fine, if a little curvy/Speed Racery looking, and move onto that weird ball thing next to it.

Around the office here we are thinking what it might represent. Surely there will be a corporate short story written about how it moves the company smoothly into its next phase or some equally ridiculous metaphor....

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Jakob Nielsen and the Fiery Tub of Money

Usabilty celebrity Jakob Nielsen has been the go-to authority on everything web-related for some time now. I have seen him in Boston, San Francisco and Amsterdam (I think). I have purchased, and been reimbursed for, several of his books. He’s a funny guy and a lot of laughs at seminars and yet I believe I am done with our friend....

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Top 5 Political Crutches

Wading through the commercials, the web sites, the speeches and the (gulp) Town Hall Meetings, you come across the same tried and (somehow) true visual buffoonery with almost all of today’s candidates. Below are 5 examples of why I drink:

1) The Sleeve-Roll

John Edwards perfected it with his classic faux denim shirt roll,...

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Campaign Site Design Review: John McCain Version 2

Launch Flash Review

When I was 7, my father finally broke down and bought our first color TV and I wouldn’t stop screaming for days, I’m told. Well, that feeling was nothing compared to the crazy joy we all felt over here when the McCain for President web team presented us with a new colorized version of their campaign site yesterday....

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Click on image above to launch Flash Review.

“It’s a big-picture site, for big-picture thinkers” according to Managing Editor Christopher Jones and although I’ve not been guilty of any big-picture thinking lately, I do like a big shiny picture on a web site’s home page as much as the next adult A-D-D sufferer....

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