2019 Super Bowl Commercial Review + Commentary

When you label something as “First Annual”, you’ve committed to at least a Second Annual and so here we are, soberly (well…) watching and reviewing commercials during the Super Bowl again. I don’t mind it though since I’m already sitting here and being responsible for a blog post means I can’t leave the couch for 3 to 4 hours....

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Mighty Bell Launches

Bianchini Launches Mightybell To Harness The Power Of Baby Steps

Mightybell looks like a really intriguing new online service, and given the team behind it will definitely be worth watching.  Beyond the obvious self help style applications, I could see political and public affairs organizations using the service to help educate about issues or mobilize supporters to a campaign or cause. ...

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Gina Bianchini from Ning on Charlie Rose

Check out Ning CEO Gina Bianchini being interviewed by Charlie Rose.  It is a good interview, made better by the fact that one of our clients, the Pickens Plan, is mentioned as an example of how custom social networks can be used in the public affairs / political space.  🙂...

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Top 100 Sites on the Internet

My colleague Andrew MacDowell pointed me to this interesting BBC data visualization of the 100 most popular sites on the Internet.  Check it out.  Interesting thing I learned: Facebook appears to be more dominant in the social networking space than Google is in search.  Interesting thing I learned number 2: MySpace is no longer a top 100 site. ...

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Techmeme Launches Mediagazer

Today Techmeme launched a new vertical called Mediagazer, which will aggregate news about the media industry.  This is the company’s fifth aggregation site, joining Memeorandum (politics), WeSmirch (gossip), Ballbug (baseball) and the original, Techmeme (technology).  You can read the post announcing Mediagazer here.  I’m sure this will quickly become a must read for those interested in the changing media landscape....

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