Great Quote on News Industry

“…the news industry doesn’t suffer from a shortage of ideas or possible revenue models, it suffers from a different but more acute malady: being an institution during a time of disruptive change.”  Stop Giving the Newspapers Your Advice – They Don’t Need It...

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We’re Hiring

Associate, Client Services Division

We are hiring a project manager in our Client Services division to help us manage the web programs of some of our clients.  We’re looking for someone who has a passion for the web and social media, knowledge of Drupal/Wordpress and two years of relevant job experience. ...

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Twitter and News Organizations

Twitter Yields Uneven ROI for News Organizations Using Automation, Curation, Interaction

Poynter looks at the different approaches news organizations are taking as they experiment with Twitter. My take: we’re in the early days here and still a ways away from establishing best practices for how the media should and shouldn’t use Twitter....

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A Partial Answer to How Stimulus Funds Were Distributed.

In yesterday’s Washington Post, there’s a good article by Alec McGillis about the power of senators from sparsely populated states.

Toward’s the end there’s this: “And then there’s the Senate’s age-old distortion of distributive politics, in which goodies are doled out on anything but a per-capita basis. California,...

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Network Solutions Embraces Mystery with New Product Names

When putting together navigation elements on the sites we build, our number one priority is presenting users with clear choices so they can quickly find what they are looking for.  On the web, usability is branding.  John Graham-Cumming points to a great example from Network Solutions of how not to name the options on your site. ...

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