Google My Maps Rocks

Google Maps has always been pretty easy to use to embed maps in your website. The tool has featured an open API since the beginning, which made it easy for folks with a fairly advanced understanding of the web to post maps on their site. But it still wasn’t dead simple

This all changed in April when Google launched My Maps,...

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From the CNN/YouTube Debate

I submitted a question to the CNN/YouTube Debate, and last week YouTube invited me to come down to Charleston, SC for the debate. I’m one of about 15-20 people who were selected for a virtually all access experience to the debate. In fact, we get to go into the Spin Room after the debate to try to get follow up and reaction responses to the debate questions....

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Link Roundup 6/12/07

Blogger Removed from NCAA Baseball Game for Live Blogging (via CNET): Courier-Journal staff blogger Brian Bennett was removed from an NCAA baseball game by officials who told him that "blogging from an NCAA championship event is against NCAA policies". CNET author Daniel Terdiman hit the nail on the head when he said,...

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Washington Post Local Explorer

Today Cyberjournalist points to a feature on the Washington Post website called Local Explorer. Cyberjournalist summarizes:

You can map information on recent area home sales, crime incidents, schools, fire and police stations, restaurants, bars, hospitals, movie theaters and more. Local Explorer also has facts and figures,...

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Google Hot Trends

Earlier today Google launched a new feature called Hot Trends, which shows you the 100 hottest search terms on Google in near real time. You can also go back and browse the hot terms for previous days.

Note that this is not a list of the most popular searches on Google....

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