Sergey Brin’s Lecture available on Google Video

Google's Sergey Brin gave a talk to students at Cal-Berkeley last October on "Search Engines, Technology and Business." The lecture is now available on Google Video.

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Two Major Stories on Click Fraud

Anyone conducting keyword ad campaigns on sites like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Engine Marketing should check out these two recent articles on click fraud:

  • Click Fraud is Growing on the Web – New York Times
  • Click Fraud: The Dark Side of Online Advertising –
  • ...
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Reliving the Past through Google News Archive

“Yes, America, the Buffalo Bills are back, like the neighbors who won't leave, like the horror movie villains who die but keep returning to terrorize Metropolis…” – Rocky Mountain News, January 26, 1994.

It was almost 13 years ago, and I was only 15 years old back then,...

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Things to Monitor Online

I'm a little late to this party, but last week Pronet Advertising put together a list of 10 Things You Should be Monitoring.  Jeremiah Owyang added numbers 11-17 and Joseph Jaffe added numbers 18-23.  Shel Holtz even set up a page of the New PR Wiki where people could collaboratively add to the list. ...

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Google Book Search: The Debate

The Washington Post published an interesting article on Sunday about Google's Book Search function.  With the University of California recently adding its massive library to the book-scanning process, this idea of creating a comprehensive digitized library of all the world's books seems like a reachable goal.  This move, which opened the University of California's network of 100 libraries and some 34 million books to Google's scan-and-search framework is a landmark event in Google's quest of digitizing every book ever written....

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