Our Media Monitoring and Measurement Process

One of our practice areas here at the Brick Factory is media monitoring and measurement through our product ImpactWatch, so we want to tell you a little bit about how we do things. All of our ImpactWatch work consists of two components. A service offering, comprised of the Media Analysis Team,...

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Let’s Get Real-Time. Live Twitter Streams in ImpactWatch.

Cross-posted from our Impact Watch Blog

ImpactWatch now displays a real-time feed of custom filtered tweets right on your dashboard.

Based on Slurp140 technology, the new Twitter stream updates automatically to display new tweets, a leaderboard of most frequent tweeters, and stats on your tweets over time....

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Tapping into Your Organization’s Data

I’m at the CIO Perspectives Forum here in DC today, and I participated in an interesting lunch discussion.  This discussion focused on how organizations can better manage the content that they generate.  There were several interesting issues brought up – of which a few I’ll mention below.


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Top Trends from #pdf09 in the News and On Twitter

News and Blogs Versus Twitter at PDF09

Chuck Fitzpatrick from our ImpactWatch team has a great post up analyzing which themes and speakers from the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum got the most traction on Twitter and in the traditional media and blogs.  Folks on Twitter were most excited about talks by danah boyd,...

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A Scientific-ish Study of Bacon in Social Media

Cross post from the media measurement team at the ImpactWatch Blog


IF bacon is great THEN it will rule social media.


Bacon in the Social Media News

1. Bacon explosion – a heart-warming (burning?) recipe involving 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage....

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