New ImpactWatch Feature: Dashboard View

We launched a new look and feel for our ImpactWatch™ product a couple of months back.  We are in the midst of rolling this out to our clients now.  One cool feature we’ve added the last few months is a "Dashboard" version of the ImpactWatch homepage. 

ImpactWatch users can now choose whether they want a "News"...

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Things to Monitor Online

I'm a little late to this party, but last week Pronet Advertising put together a list of 10 Things You Should be Monitoring.  Jeremiah Owyang added numbers 11-17 and Joseph Jaffe added numbers 18-23.  Shel Holtz even set up a page of the New PR Wiki where people could collaboratively add to the list. ...

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ImpactWatch is Turning Japanese

Our media monitoring product, ImpactWatch, has always been able to accept and display non-English news articles.  But we recently had a client that wanted to take things a step further and create a version of ImpactWatch entirely in Japanese (navigation, drop downs, everything).  We just finished the work (see sample screenshot below) and the infrastructure improvements we made mean that we can now rapidly deploy ImpactWatch in just about any language a client requires....

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ImpactWatch Wins the 2006 Iron Sabre

We’ve mentioned our media management and analysis platform, ImpactWatch, several times (in passing) on this blog. Last night, at the 2006 Sabre Awards Dinner in Manhattan, we learned that we had won the Iron Sabre for the Research/Evaluation category, beating out Hill & Knowlton’s Wal-Mart Media Day Analysis case study....

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Resources on How to Name Your Company or Product

We’ve been working the last few months on a sister product to our ImpactWatch media monitoring tool and one of the real struggles has been coming up with a name and accompanying URL. Anyone who has tried to name something in the last five years knows that most good, short URLs are taken by legit companies or being poached by domain name brokers....

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