The Fallacy of Using Inbound Links to Track Influence

This is cross posted from our ImpactWatch blog.

In trying to measure blogs, a lot of people put a great deal of stock in inbound links.  It might not be going too far to say that inbound links have become the standard by which the influence of a blog is measured. ...

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Mitchell Report Tag Cloud

Through my work on ImpactWatch, I spend a lot of time analyzing data. I’m also a pretty big sports fan. Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that the Mitchell Report on steroids and baseball was released yesterday. Given that, I thought it would be interesting to use to create a tag cloud showing the words mentioned most often in the report....

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TBG Launches New ImpactWatch Demo

Today we launched a new public demo of our media management platform, ImpactWatch™. To quote our marketing materials, ImpactWatch “is a web-based media management platform used by public relations and corporate communications professionals to continuously observe, track, gather and analyze high-volume media coverage of any brand, product, issue,...

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Washington Post Launches Issues Coverage Tracker

Last week I wrote a post mentioning that I thought coverage of the 2008 Presidential election would lead news organization to push the envelop in terms of innovation in online coverage. Cyberjournalist has the scoop on just such an innovation from the Washington Post and Daylife – Issue Tracker.

Issues Tracker allows you to select Presidential candidates to get an idea of the amount of press coverage they attract around issues such as abortion,...

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Measuring Blog Relationships

Beyond measuring Dell Hells, it is helpful for those who track blogs to measure relationships between them.

When dealing with a small set of blogs, it is easy to determine if and then how they're related.  However, with millions of blogs no person or organization has the resources to accurately track all of them. ...

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