Gov 2.0 Summit 2010 – A Twitter Recap

Among many new developments, last week’s Gov 2.0 Summit here in Washington, DC  served as a perfect platform with  to use our new and improved SLURP140 tool, which tracked the influence, activity, and topics discussed on Twitter throughout the duration of the the conference. This two-day seminar sponsored by O'Reilly Media brought together decision makers from the public and private sectors to discuss the notions of open government and the power of the internet in citizens' Continue Reading

Viral Marketing: A Fine Line Between Funny and Terrible

Guerilla and social media marking campaigns all dream of going viral – a la Old Spice Man on a Horse – but some advertising really strikes out. Below is a look at two particularly bad unfortunate ad campaigns that resulted in more bad press than good. Let this be a lesson that for every Old Spice man on a horse,...

Continue Reading – DC News Served Up Fresh

 A new DC News Site launched last Sunday– and the local social media scene has been abuzz with the innovation, social media outreach, and hyper local focus seen on the site. The pages of this online portal will function to aggregate news from all over the DC metro area and create a one-stop-shop for DC residents....

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Is Bing More Innovative Than Google?

Google may still command over 60 percent market share when it comes to searches, the Microsoft-owned Bing is making steady headway ever since its introduction in June 2009. However, current data shows that Bing and Yahoo search engines’ share in the marketplace is growing – as the expense of Google....

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PBS NewsHour and Social Media – How to Make the Most of Your Content

New Blog Post – Online Media and Social Networking by #PBS @NewsHour @KateGardiner – #DCMM

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