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Are Personal Blogs Appropriate for Professionals?

Simon Owens of Bloggasm, a blog that focuses on online media and journalism, recently conducted a very intriguing ‘mini-study' centered about the idea of personal blogging done by reporters, journalists, and other professionals.

He was inspired by the recent firings of two prominent writers, both of whom were fired due to participation in personal blogging. ...

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Updated: The Struggles of

The Wall Street Journal published a great piece yesterday about the struggles of, the Washington Post’s bold attempt to provide hyperlocal news coverage for the DC suburb Loudon County (I’m sure the Post really appreciated the free press here). A year in, the site has yet to build a significant audience....

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Photos on news site are often made deliberately small and/or buried in annoying Flash slide show software. Good photography ends up getting marginalized. recently launched a dead simple photo blog called Big Picture that shows how powerful online news photography can be if you out of the way and let the pictures tell a story....

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Newspapers and Google News: An Analysis

At the New Communications Forum conference last week, Chris O’Brien from the San Jose Mercury News mentioned during a presentation that 2/3rds of the traffic to the paper’s website comes from news aggregators (like Google News) and search engines.  This figure was higher than I expected, so I mentally filed away the tidbit to write about at some point....

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The Internet and Old Media

I gave a presentation earlier today at the New Communications Forum conference in Santa Rosa, CA on how well traditional media (newspapers and magazines) are adapting their Internet programs based on the challenges presented by the web and social media.

During my talk, I reviewed the results of our newspaper and magazine studies that examined the Web 2.0 features these media properties include on their websites. ...

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