Newspaper Study

USA Today vs. Washington Post vs. New York Times

Like many others, I occasionally use Compete and Alexa data to compare traffic of websites whose logs I don’t have access to.  I know these services are imperfect, but a comparison I ran today of vs. vs. shows just how anecdotal the data from these services is....

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2008 Top Ten Best Newspaper Websites

The Bivings Group took another look at The Use of the Internet by America’s Largest Newspapers , and compiled a list of 2008’s top ten Newspaper sites. Newspapers selected were among the 100 largest in the U.S., and in addition to being judged by their abundance of web features, were graded on design and easy usability....

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2008 Newspaper Study Coverage Roundup

Last Thursday, we released the 2009 edition of our newspaper study.  There was some great commentary about the study around the blogosphere.  The general reaction was relief that newspaper website are getting better, but a sense that whatever they do probably won’t be enough.  Below are few of the more interesting points folks made....

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The New New York Times Website

In looking over our data for this year's Newspaper Report due out later on this month it’s easy to see American newspaper studies are in dire straights. With subscription rates falling and more people getting their news online newspapers have had to revamp their old business model. No American newspaper seems to be taking a more proactive attitude towards the threat of the web then The New York Times....

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9 Things I Love About the Las Vegas Sun Website

The Las Vegas Sun is known for having one of the best websites of any newspaper in the country. The reputation is warranted.

In my experience as a web developer, I’ve found many sites that do a few things well. A site might have a nice homepage and a few cool features,...

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