Robots Ready for Their Own Operating System

Efforts to boost robot-to-robot cooperation took a giant step during July’s International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence, when roboticists around the world decided to start with human-to-human cooperation.

The science of developing robots, though narrow, was surprisingly fractured until the development of the Robot Operating System (ROS).

“Each robot is individually manufactured to meet a specific need and more than likely built in isolation,”...

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Cloudy Day: Review of Jolicloud Alpha 2b “Robby” Release

A few days ago (on a cloudy day, when I began writing this post), I received my Jolicloud private alpha 2b developer version invite. After creating a Jolicloud account and downloading a 600MB .img file, I copied it over as a bootable USB thumb drive and was off to the races....

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Tech Meets Cycling

I ride my bicycle to work whenever possible through the scenic District of Columbia, which offers me numerous benefits. It forces me to exercise regularly, cuts down on commuting costs, is a zero emissions method of navigating the city streets (aside from manufacturing processes), and it’s much quicker door-to-door than driving through rush hour traffic....

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David Wineberger on “Transparency is the new objectivity”

Video by David Cohn...

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The Whatever’s

Guest post by David Cohn

Michael Wesch gave an amazing talk at PDF that I dare not try to summarize.

I will point to an anecdote that Wesch used to give insight into how our cultural conversation is changing all the time.

The word "whatever"...

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