Facebook’s Regional Connections

Peter Warden has a great post up on his blog that looks at how Facebook users in different states are connected to each.  He finds that the U.S. can be divided into roughly seven regions, which are visualized above.  Be sure to read the full post....

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Crisis Commons: Crowdsourcing Information Solutions for the Crisis in Haiti

In response to the devastating aftermath of the twin earthquakes (on January 12 and then on January 20) in Haiti, Crisis Commons has come to serve as a key forum for the coordination of professional volunteers in the development of rapid solutions to the diverse array of information-based challenges facing the aid effort....

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Red Cross Utilizes Text Messaging for Aid After Haiti Quake

In response to Tuesday morning’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti, the American Red Cross has been reaching out across social networks to urge aid donations.

Supporters can donate using their online form or text HAITI to 90999. Text messages will donate $10 to the relief effort. Charges will be made to the user’s cell phone bill....

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Organic Versus Inorganic Twitter Followers

Anil Dash has a great blog post up today entitled “Nobody Has A Million Twitter Followers.”  Dash was added to the Twitter suggested followers list in October, and as a result saw his number of followers jump from 18,000 to 300,000.  Even though Dash’s number of followers increased dramatically, the number of interactions he was having did not go up. ...

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CNN to Launch New Website Redesign on Monday

CNN is launching a new version of its website on Monday and previewed the site to select reporters yesterday.  Techcrunch has the full breakdown and a slew of screen shots. 

It is pretty much impossible to tell anything from the screen shots, but I’ll not let that stop me from making some superficial observations:

  • As Kevin Anderson observed on Twitter,
  • ...
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