Craigslist Goes International

I owe a lot to the website craigslist.  It helped me find my current townhouse and housemates; it helped me find my current job; and it helped me find a great (and cheap!) dining room set.

The site began in 1995, with a very simple design.  Since that time,...

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Easy SEO Link Building Tip

Yesterday I sat in on an excellent Marketing Profs webinar titled "Advanced Tactics in SEO: Part Art, Part Science."  While the discussion focused on advanced topics, Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz briefly touched upon basic link building.

One of the tactics that they emphasized was collecting links from organizations that involve the site owners. ...

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Don’t Kid Yourself; One Day Google Will Own You Too

Writing about Google, Inc. hits close to home, quite literally, as I am a past townie of Lenoir, North Carolina, which will soon become Google’s latest data farm. As I walked around my hometown a week ago, I began to wonder what the town would look like when the median income of the citizenship raises by $20,000....

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Google News Tweaks Algo

Loren Baker of the Search Engine Journal reports that Google News has tweaked it algorithm (hat tip: MediaPost).  The search engine hopes to its users more relevant results about breaking news stories.

One of the tweaks aims to better identify the news source that was first in reporting information about a story. ...

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Presidential Text Ads

Many people are buzzing about how snazzy 2008 presidential campaign sites are with their slick designs, multimedia content, and social networking tools, but how many campaigns are taking advantage of Internet text ads?

Awhile ago I took a snapshot at who are buying Google text ads for searches for both democrats and republicans presidential candidates and found that only Rudy Giuliani, John McCain,...

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