Donate to Candidates Through Search

We had a story appear on the Digg homepage the other day and in the comments someone pointed to a site I hadn't seen before: Presidential Quest.  

Basically Presidential Quest has created search sites for every single Presidential candidate.  Users then search the web from the site of their chosen candidate and all the ad revenue that is generated from the searching is donated to their chosen candidate. ...

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Search Words: Public vs. Private

Gerry McGovern publishes a weekly email about the web, customer service, and how to improve website/intranet performance.  It’s a good read; he really should have a blog.  In his latest installment , “WORDS THAT WORK: SEARCH WORDS VERSUS WEBSITE WORDS,” Gerry highlights a new book by uber-pollster Frank Luntz, who claims that people are changing the words they use describe certain things. ...

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Link Roundup (1/13/2006)

  • What the Chinese Want to Know
    Interesting list of the top search terms for 2006 on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Thankfully Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears’ don’t dominate Chinese thoughts they way they do those of Americans.
  • Microsoft takes email design back years
    Outlook 2007 will handle HTML emails in a vastly different manner than previous versions of the email program.
  • ...
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Yahoo Redesigns Google

A mock up of the Google homepage done in the Yahoo! design style is making the rounds today. Steve Bryant, who put this together, did a great job on it. But let’s just say I’m of the definite opinion that Google has been smart to keep things simple.


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Apple iPhone and the Search Engines

Apple did a masterful job of announcing the iPhone at MacWorld Expo. The phone is a hit with Wall Street and consumers (me) are salivating.

One unintended consequence of Apple’s shock and awe announcement style is that the search engines are way behind. If you search for “iPhone”...

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