Basic SEO: Site Visitors Know Best

While I am no search engine optimization guru, I know enough to see many SEO goofs that outsiders and neophytes make.  One of these mistakes is dismissing the importance of site visitor feedback and web analytics.

If you want to drive traffic to a site, pay attention to those who already visit it. ...

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Google Hot Trends

Earlier today Google launched a new feature called Hot Trends, which shows you the 100 hottest search terms on Google in near real time. You can also go back and browse the hot terms for previous days.

Note that this is not a list of the most popular searches on Google....

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Keywords Go First in Headlines, SEOs say

It is mini search engine optimization (SEO) for journalists lesson time!

News outlets want healthy traffic levels on their websites so that they can charge more for advertising.  In fact, The New York Observer's Michael Calderone quotes a former staffer as saying that their former workplace is "a page-view sweatshop "...

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More Ron Paul Buzz

This is getting kind of weird.

Yesterday, I took a look at Ron Paul supporters on Digg and today I bump into Ron Paul buzz wherever I go. Here is the latest:

(1) Ron Paul is the number one search on Technorati today, beating out Paris Hilton,...

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Web 3.0?

Don't ask me what exactly web 3.0 is, but Jason Vallery has a good summary of the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media meeting held last week in Boulder, CO, where web 3.0 was discussed.  His summary:

"While the future is far from certain, one thing is for sure....

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