Technologies that will Impact the 2008 Elections (Follow Up Post)

A little over a year ago I wrote a post that guessed which emerging technologies would have an impact on the 2008 election cycle. I figured I’d take a quick look back and grade my predictions, as well as list a few new technologies that have emerged since I last covered this ground....

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Barack Obama is Most Followed on Twitter

Want further proof of Barack Obama’s popularity online? According to the site Twitterholic, Obama has more followers than any other Twitter user (followers are people who sign up to receive a user’s Twitter updates through the service). Here is a chart showing the top 10 users:

Despite this popularity,...

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Using Cells Phones in Political and Advocacy Campaigns

While at the Politics Online Conference yesterday, I attended a rather interesting panel about using cell phones in political and advocacy campaigns.  Some of the panelists represented the One campaign — think Bono — and Rock the Vote.  Since both of these campaigns cater to a younger crowd, they need to use cell phones in connecting with their audiences....

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Republicans and Twitter

Way back in February, I wrote a speculative post about technologies I thought might impact the 2008 elections. One of the technologies I mentioned was Twitter. The Hotline (and David All) noted last week that House GOP leader John Boehner is twitterring (sorry). Today, I stumbled across the recently created profiles of House Whip Eric Cantor and the National Republican Congressional Committee (first committee on Twitter I think)....

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Who’s More Mobile: Blogs or Newspapers?

We have just finished a new mini-research study in which we examined the availability of mobile features for the top 50 newspaper websites and the top 50 English-language blogs. The results were surprising. Just 24% (twelve) of blogs provided mobile content, while 54% (27) newspapers offered a mobile browsing option....

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