A Post for the Apple Fanboys

For those who care, Apple announced the iPhone today and has launched a section of its website about the new cell phone. This phone looks incredible and will probably change the way people think about and use cell phones.

For web developers, it is interesting that Apple is trying to give users a full,...

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RNC Gets Into the Text Messaging Business

Just got an email from the Republican National Committe (I'm on every political mailing list known to man) inviting me to join GOP Mobile, their brand spanking new text messaging network.  According to the email, the RNC intends to use the service over the next week to send out election-related breaking news and action alerts to people who sign up....

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Cellular Love….in Afghanistan?

I listened to an interesting broadcast on NPR this morning about how text messaging is affecting the dating culture in Kabul, Afghanistan.  According to the piece, college students in Afghanistan are using text messaging to secretly initiate relationships.  Dating and marriage remain taboo topics in Afghanistan, as strict rules prevent young men and women from having any interaction with one another before they are married. ...

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A few cups…a few pints….what’s the difference?

A few weeks ago I found myself in the dairy section of Whole Foods with my girlfriend trying to remember how many cups were in a pint. We were picking up ingredients for a recipe that called for 3 cups of buttermilk. She picked up one pint, saying, “This should do it.”...

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